• clean-clear-cold-416528 (3) Trust the Tap

    Spending more on bottled water doesn’t guarantee better quality. One gallon of JCSD tap water costs less than 1 cent

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  • solar cup

    Congratulations to the Roosevelt High School STEM Academy in Eastvale! In October, a several students were selected to participate in the 10th annual Solar Cup. Primarily funded by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Western Municipal Water District, Solar Cup is an education program in which high school teams, learn about water conservation and renewable energy by building and racing a solar powered boat during a seven-month period. The teams compete against each other in both sprint and endurance races at Lake Skinner, located in Temecula. As part of the program, the teams also research and complete various technical reports and create a water-related public service announcement. The culminating Solar Cup races will take place May 17th -19th. As this is the first competition for a team within JCSD’s service area, the team has the “rookie” designation and is entitled to additional assistance and funding.

  • No. 1 B Upgrading the River Road Lift Station!

    Efficient, cost-effective sewer service is one of JCSD’s core responsibilities, and a great effort is made to maintain and replace infrastructure in a proactive manner.

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