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JCSD is now offering a Residential Drip Irrigation Rebate.

Residents of JCSD can receive a 50% rebate (up to $200) after the purchase and installation of a drip system. This program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis as funding is available.

Drip Systems:

Save Water                           Water Directly to Root Zone                Reduce Weeds

Reduce Runoff                      Low Maintenance                                 Easy Installation



Step 1.

Take at least four clear photographs of the area to be converted to drip.

Step 2.

Locate the nearest irrigation supply house from our Approved Vendors "Irrigation Supply Store" listRebates will only be paid to customers who purchase from one of these approved vendors.

Step 3.

Purchase and install a drip system. Major components of your system may include: anti-siphon valve, water filter, pressure regulator, poly pipe, and emitters. Drip kits are acceptable for rebate.

Step 4.

Take at least four clear photographs of your completed project.

Step 5.

Within sixty (60) days of purchase, mail your completed application with receipts and photographs to:

Jurupa Community Services District
Attn: Irrigation Rebate
11201 Harrel Street
Jurupa Valley, CA 91752

Download and complete a Printable Drip Rebate Form

Drip rebate instructions Updated

OR complete the digital application form below by answering all the questions and clicking "submit."

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(If bill payer is not the owner, written permission from owner to do project must be included with rebate application)

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Terms of Agreement

Please Note: To qualify for Rebate Program purchases of drip equipment must be dated May 1, 2017, or after.

  • Complete application; receipts and photographs must be submitted to JCSD within sixty (60) days of purchase. Incomplete applications may be denied.
  • Rebates are awarded on first-come, first-served basis subject to funding availability.
  • Rebates are available only to JCSD water utility customers.
  • JCSD is not responsible for faulty equipment or installation.
  • There is a $200 per household per year limit to the property for post-completion inspection of project.
  • Applicant has full responsibility for complying with all applicable laws, municipal codes and ordinances.

Questions? Please call 951-727-8002.

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