Turf Replacement / Landscaping


photo of example landscape


  • If your goal is to apply for a turf-replacement rebate, first go to BeWaterWise in order to become familiar with the rebate rules and application process.




Click on any of the steps below to open our PDF resource "How-To" Guides 

1.   Lawn Removal

2.   Soil Testing 

      Soil Testing Made Easy Part 1

      Soil Testing Made Easy Part 2

3.   Site Grading Principles

4.   Irrigation

      Drip Irrigation

      Dripline Method

      Point-source Method

      Irrigation System Components

      Front Yard Irrigation Layout Template

      Ribbon Planter Irrigation Layout Template

      Parkway Planter Irrigation Layout Template

5.   Planting

      Planting Trees

      Planting Shrubs

6.   Butterfly Gardening

      Introducing Butterflies to your Garden

      Plant Selection and Care

      Native Plants for Butterflies

7.   Waterwise Gardens

8.   Resources


 Water Conservation With JCSD - call 951-727-3521 or email savewater@jcsd.us