Report a Problem


How to Report an Issue

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There are several ways to report non-emergency issues.  The most immediate method is to call our main line: (951) 685-7434.

After regular business hours, you may also call the main line to report emergencies that affect water and wastewater.

For public safety emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

Report Street Lighting Issues

To report a street light outage/problem in Jurupa Valley, please notify us online or call 1(800) 229-6090.

Report Graffiti

To report graffiti, please notify us online or call the Graffiti Hotline at (951) 727-3500.

Use Your Smartphone to Submit Non-Emergency Issues

In the spirit of community, JCSD and its local partners joined together to offer E-Citizen, a real-time mobile civic engagement platform. E-citizen is a free and simple way to report non-emergency issues within the service areas boundaries of JCSD, the City of Jurupa Valley, and Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District (JARPD). Reportable issues include:

home screen of E-Citizen mobile app
  • Code enforcement*
  • Graffiti
  • Illegal dumping*
  • Park maintenance (JCSD & JARPD parks only)
  • Potholes*
  • Water
  • Water waste
  • And so much more!

* Please note that the City of Eastvale no longer utilizes E-Citizen. If you are reporting issues relating to the City of Eastvale’s municipal code violations, potholes, street light outages, illegal dumping, street/signs maintenance issues, and other non-emergency issues, please see their website for more information.

E-Citizen Download Instructions - iPhone Users

From iPhone devices, go to the Apple App Store and search for E-Citizen.

E-Citizen Download Instructions - Android Users

From Android devices, go to the Google Play Store and search for E-Citizen.

Helpful Tips

  • Stay safe - don’t attempt to use E-Citizen while driving.
  • Location – make sure you are using the correct location of the issue. If you are no longer at the location, don’t forget to adjust the map.
  • Photo – to help verify the report, please upload a photo or video of the issue.
  • Internet – as with most applications, E-Citizen works best when connected to Wi-Fi.

Report Issues Online

You can also report an issue via E-Citizen through the online system below.  After entering and locating the address of where the issue is occurring, use the scroll bar to the immediate right of the map to scroll down and click "Next Step."

PLEASE NOTE: Although the instructions below state that uploading a photo is optional, without a photo we may not be able to resolve an issue.  For WATER-WASTE issues, a photo or video documentation of the WATER-WASTE activity taking place is required in order for JCSD to resolve the issue.

Tips for effective photos:

  • Be sure the photo is in focus

  • The actual issue should be depicted in the photo

  • Include other distinguishing landmarks in the photo such as the house where the issue is taking place or the vehicle in the driveway. A close up of a sprinkler or a close up of a sidewalk with water does not help identify the actual location of where the issue is taking place and will not enable JCSD to follow up and resolve the issue.


 Map of Reported Issues