Sports League Volunteer Application


Volunteers play a key role when coordinating and hosting safe and successful organized sporting league activities.  In addition to the condition of athletic fields and facilities, it is important to ensure that volunteers are screened to ensure the safety of our community.  JCSD follows the guidelines that have been developed by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) by screening all potential volunteers as though they are applying for a paid position.  If you are applying to volunteer for a local sports league such as  Eastvale Little League, Eastvale Girls Softball Association, Empire Soccer, Eastvale Tigers, and other leagues, you are in the right place.  If you are applying to volunteer for a sports league that is coordinated through the JCSD Parks and Recreation Program please visit the Parks and Recreation Volunteer Program.

The California Penal Code Section 11105 allows public agencies such as JCSD to obtain State summary criminal background information from the Department of Justice.  Please download the JCSD Procedures for Background Checks for Volunteers.

Once the background check information is received, the results are reviewed by the Jurupa Community Services District Park Director or his/her designee. Summary information of the Background Check along with background check printouts highlighting any red flags are forwarded to the Jurupa Community Services District General Manager for further determination and processing.