Agents of Discovery - Mobile App


Do mobile gaming and exploring the outdoors sound like fun to you? If so, we're pleased to share with you that JCSD's Parks & Recreation Department has partnered with the educational technology platform, Agents of Discovery to create a smartphone game app. The free app is similar to Pokémon GO, but kids learn about site-specific cultural resources. Think pine trees, not Pikachu.




Agents of Discovery’s augmented reality (AR) technology is a powerful tool that incentivizes kids to learn while outside and exploring the world around them. Armed with a tablet, android or iPhone, kids assume the exciting role of a Secret Agent completing a “Mission” created by the expert park service members






Agents of Discovery_Plugged into Nature1 (1)Missions are geo-triggered so kids have to walk in order to answer questions. Agents of Discovery is free to download from Google Play or the App Store and once downloaded, does not require any data or Wifi.  


Visit the Agents of Discovery website HERE.

Agents of Discovery PSA video click HERE. 

Agents of Discovery JCSD Debut will be on Earth Day (April 22) at Riverwalk Park!