Employee Benefits


We offer a comprehensive employee benefits package for full-time regular staff that includes the following:

JCSD offers medical benefits through CalPERS with choices from various HMO and PPO plans.

Dental and Vision
JCSD pays for dental coverage through Delta Dental.  Vision coverage through VSP is paid by JCSD for employees only.

Retirement for current CalPERS members is 2.7% at 55 formula.  For employees hired after 7/1/14, 5% of the employee's portion is paid for by JCSD. If you are considered a new PEPRA member with CalPERS, you would receive the 2% at 62 formula, with employee contributions.

Deferred Compensation
JCSD employees can participate in a 457 (b) deferred compensation plan through CalPERS 457 or Nationwide.  These plans are completely voluntary to set aside additional supplemental retirement income.

Life Insurance
Life insurance of $50,000 is 100% paid by JCSD. Supplemental plans are available.

Short-term disability is offered at 66 2/3 benefit, as well as long-term disability.  Supplemental voluntary plans are available through Colonial and Aflac.

Employee Assistance
Employee Assistance program is available through The Standard.

If your position requires you to wear a uniform, it will be provided for by JCSD.

Paid Holidays
JCSD observes 11 holidays per year, plus two floating holidays.

Employees can earn up to 25 vacation days per year based on years of service.

Sick Leave
JCSD provides 12 sick days per year.

Alternative Work Week
An alternative work week enables employees to integrate their work and personal lives more effectively and better manage issues such as commuting, continuing education, care-giving, child care, and other external obligations.  JCSD is on a 9/80 schedule, which enables employees to complete working 80 hours over nine days, therefore, taking what would have been the 10th work day as a day off (every other Friday).