Please be aware that a cell tower service provider will be conducting upgrades/construction at the Harada Heritage Park beginning Monday, February 10, 2020 for approximately 4 weeks. 

 The trail access on the far west side of the park from 65th street to 68th street will be closed during the construction period.

Comprehensive Cost of Service and Rate Study



Jurupa Community Services District is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable water and wastewater service to the communities we serve. The Board of Directors last approved water and wastewater rate adjustments on November 10, 2014. That action implemented a 5 year Rate Plan through December 2019.   

In conjunction with the District’s consultant, Raftelis, staff conducted a Comprehensive Cost of Service and Rate Study to evaluate the financial health of the District. District Staff has held two Public Water and Wastewater Rate Workshops on October 17, 2019, and December 12, 2019. Rates need to be adequate to cover costs, while ensuring that costs are equitably allocated, so that rates are fair and in proportion to the services received by each customer class. The Rate Study models the costs of operating and maintaining the utility system for the next five years. 

On March 9, 2020, the Board of Directors will conduct a Public Hearing to consider the proposed rate adjustments recommended in the Water and Wastewater Rate Study Report which can be accessed below:  

Prop 218 Notice Regarding Water and Sewer Rates

Water & Wastewater Rate Study 12.23.19