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It’s no surprise that many are unsure about whom to contact regarding various community services such as water, code enforcement, graffiti, traffic, etc. With the recent incorporation of the cities of Eastvale and Jurupa Valley, it is understandable that residents are not sure of who to call about various public services.

When Jurupa Community Services District (also referred to as JCSD or the District) was formed in 1956, it was developed to provide sewer services in a 26-square mile unincorporated area of Riverside County.  Through annexation, JCSD’s service area increased to 40.79-square miles.  The need for more localized or consolidated services also increased as the population in the area grew.  Through the years, JCSD’s services expanded from sewer services to providing water treatment production, and distribution, street lighting administration in specific areas, graffiti abatement, and landscape maintenance in public rights-of-way, and parks and recreation . 

Before JCSD provided its current services to the community, services were delivered by the county or by smaller companies (such as smaller mutual water companies).  A “Special District” enables the community to have better access to services when provided locally rather than by the county.  In most cases, due to the scope of their requirements, counties cannot provide tailored services to any one community.  As a result, the Community Services District Law was created to provide an alternate method of providing services in unincorporated areas of the county. 

When areas within JCSD’s service territory were incorporated, JCSD retained the community services it has been providing over the years.  In summary, JCSD provides the following critical and quality of life services: