Engineering FAQs


  • Engineering/Development Services
    • What are Industrial Survey Forms?

      Industrial Survey Forms are required for all non-residential facilities for new tenants, new accounts, changes in ownership, and/or tenant improvements for existing facilities within JCSD jurisdiction.  This is any facility that changes ownership, makes changes to existing plumbing, adds or deletes a water/sewer service. Or makes any changes to production or equipment. 

    • What is a pre-job meeting?

      A pre-job or an are-design meeting is when the developer requests a meeting during the due-diligence/entitlement process; prior to requesting water/sewer availability & submitting plan check.

      Pre-construction meetings are conducted for all tracts, parcel map and plot plan projects after the Water/Sewer Mylar’s & Material Submittals have been signed & approved by the District. The Development Supervisor or Representative conducts the pre-construction meeting (using the District’s Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda). The Development Supervisor, the District’s Inspector, the Developer’s Contractor, and the Developer’s Project Superintendent must be present at the pre-construction meeting.  The pre-construction meeting is conducted at the job-site using the District’s “Pre-construction Meeting Agenda”, which lists pertinent discussion items.  At the meeting, a copy of the pre-construction meeting agenda is provided to those in attendance. After the pre-construction meeting is complete, the District, along with the District’s Inspector, sets a start-work date within two (2) working days; and the Development Supervisor will sign and issue a notice-to-proceed to the Developer.

    • What is a Standards Manual?

      What is a Standards Manual?

      The Standards Manual is the Developer’s Handbook and Procedure Manual.  This manual provides a detailed description of the procedures and policies to be followed during any Developer-funded project.

    • What is the average residential meter size for the District?

      The average size residential meter is a ¾”. However, meter size is determined by the property owner or the Developer’s Engineer.

    • When do I need to send an Availability Letter?
      Developers are required to obtain a Water/Sewer Availability letter for all projects that involve water and/or sewer services.  To obtain a Water/Sewer Availability letter, please submit a letter to the District requesting availability within the project, describing the type of project, a map showing the property requiring water and/or sewer service and a $2,800.00 deposit for either Parcel Maps or Tract Maps.  Once the request is received, the Development Consultants will provide feedback, if needed, and submit the request for approval to the Sewer and/or Water Committee and the Board of Directors.  Please click here to view a sample availability letter.
    • Who attends the pre-job meetings?

      JCSD’s Inspector, JCSD’s Supervisor, or their representative, tract or job Superintendent, and a County of Riverside Transportation Department representative. For complete procedures for Pre-Construction Meetings, Video Inspections, Pre-Occupancy Inspections, Final Inspections for Tracks, Individual, Plot Plan and District Projects, please review the Procedures for Pre-Construction Meetings .

    • Who sets policies, rates, and procedures?
      The Board of Directors  sets policy for the District. Fees, rates, and other charges are developed and adopted by the Board after careful analysis of operating cost, financing needs, industry practices, and input from the community.