Customer Service FAQs


  • Customer Service
    • Does the District offer discounts on service to customers with low-income, disabilities or to the elderly?

      JCSD has a new Customer Care Program for low-income residential customers.  Click HERE to read about it and see if you qualify.  Please also visit the Conservation pages for water saving tips and programs. 

    • How are my water and sewer bill charges calculated?

      All water and sewer charges are approved by the Board of Directors.These charges are calculated on a monthly basis.

      Water – Residents are charged a monthly service charge for the operations and maintenance of the meter and waterlines, as well as a monthly charge on consumption.  Water Usage is based on a tiered rate. 

      Sewer –  Residents are charged for the calculation based on:

      1. A Base Charge
      2. Monthly water consumption capped at 8 hundred cubic feet (HCF, equal to 748 gallons)

      For more information, please contact Customer Services at (951) 685-7434 or click here for details.

    • Is bacteria present in the water?

      All raw water sources contain bacteria – most of which are not disease causing.  The disinfection process at each water treatment plant destroys any potentially harmful bacteria. JCSD conducts weekly tests at various points in its distribution system to make sure no disease-causing bacteria are present in the water supply. 

    • Is the water safe to drink?
      Absolutely. The water delivered to JCSD customers meets all State and Federal regulations and is continually tested to ensure its safety. Please see the current Consumer Confidence Report  and Monthly Blending Reports.
    • Regarding my service line, where does my responsibility start and stop?

      The customer’s responsibility starts on their side of meter.  The district is responsible from the meter to the street connection. If you suspect a leak, please contact Customer Service at (951) 685-7434.

    • Should my family be drinking bottled water?

      Only if you prefer the taste and don’t mind the price. Tap water is required, by law, to meet numerous rigorous, standards. Water supplies must test at frequent regular intervals for a multitude of substances.  Bottled Water may taste different, but it’s no safer than tap water.  In some cases, it’s nothing more than bottled up tap water that has undergone additional treatments to remove some of the harmless, often beneficial minerals, such as calcium.   You can install a carbon filter on your faucet to remove the chlorine taste of tap water for about $20.00 and replace the filter every 90-days.  

    • What is my due date and why does it seem to change each month?

      The statements are dated differently because the JCSD billing period is the first four Wednesdays of each month and each Wednesday may fall on different dates.  All bills are due upon receipt and must be paid on or before the 26th day after the billing date to avoid late charges.

    • Why was my water shut off?

      There are several reasons why your water may be shut off.

      • There has been an emergency in your area and the water had to be shut off.
      • Someone has turned off the valve to your home.
      • Your billing statement has become past due and has been scheduled for the processing of nonpayment and the disconnection of the water service.
      Please contact JCSD’s Customer Service Department if you have further questions at (951) 685-7434