Street Lights Frequently Asked Questions


 LED Streetlight Conversion Project Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of streetlights are in the District?

The majority of streetlights in the Agency are High Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights. Though they are the most common streetlight technology in most cities in Southern California and across the U.S., HPS streetlights are not the most efficient. The light distribution is limited and much of the light generated is either lost or not directed to the desired location in the roadway. In addition, HPS streetlights cast an orange light which makes identifying color very difficult.


What makes LED streetlights the right choice?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is the greatest advancement in lighting in modern times. The first LEDs were indicator lights in simple machines and then the technology was integrated into lighting applications in traffic signals. In the last 10 years LED technology has advanced to interior lighting and streetlight applications. LED streetlights are energy efficient, have a much longer lifetime than other traditional lighting technologies, and produce better color and light quality than typical High Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights.  All this equates to reduced energy consumption and reduced operating costs while delivering better light quality to residents.


Why is a LED conversion project right for JCSD?

The LED conversion project will reduce streetlight energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and operating costs. LED streetlights will save energy, require less maintenance, and operate for over 20 years before needing to be replaced. This is compared to the existing HPS lights which need service or replacement every 3-5 years. In addition, LED streetlights will provide residents with better light quality on streets and roadways.


Why is there a difference in the color of light?

HPS streetlights produce an orange-yellow color due to the nature of the elements in the lamp. This color output makes it very difficult to see the natural colors of objects that are being lit by the streetlight - such as cars or pedestrians. LED streetlights emit a much more natural light, similar to moonlight, and the objects being lit look closer to their normal colors. This allows for much better visual perception and increases safety.   



What are the LED conversion project details?

Agency staff has worked closely with the Western Riverside Council of Governments and Siemens Mobility Inc. to implement the new LED streetlighting system. The construction work to install the new equipment throughout the Agency is starting in Summer 2019.


How many streetlights are being converted?

The Agency owns approximately 2,000 streetlights in the Jurupa Valley area, and will be converting all of them to LED technology. Southern California Edison owns and operates streetlights on electrical distribution lines and these lights will not be converted as part of this program.


Is there waste generated by the project?

There is very minimal waste generated by the project. All existing HPS streetlights are disassembled and the associated materials are recycled and disposed of appropriately.


Who can I call if there are any other questions or concerns?

For more information about the LED street light conversion project please contact JCSD Finance Department, Jason Davis, (951) 685-7434  Ext 219  or by email at