Vactor and Video Camera Trucks


Vactor Truck and Sewer Video Truck 

The Vactor truck and the Closed Circuit Television Inspection System vehicle can often be seen together in various neighborhoods within JCSD’s service area.  They both play an important role in the maintenance of the community’s sewer system.  With over 325 miles of main sewer lines, it’s important to ensure that the system that transports wastewater from your homes is in good working condition.



Vactor Truck 

 A Vactor truck is designed to help keep the main sewer lines clean and clear.  They can vacuum tons of debris from the sewer pipes and also can apply water at high pressure to help loosen clogs. 





Sewer Video Camera 2 

The Closed Circuit Inspection System vehicle visually inspects, digitally records, and documents the conditions of sewer pipes which enable JCSD to determine whether pipes need to be repaired or replaced.