Sewer Line Responsibility


Sewer Line Responsibilty Graphic

Are you having sewer line issues and not sure what to do?  When sewer problems come up, the resident should first contact us at JCSD. We will check the main sewer and, if there is a cleanout existing at ground level, we will also inspect that to determine if the stoppage is in the sewer lateral or the indoor plumbing.

When it's the Property Owner’s Responsibility

If it is determined that the main sewer line is OK, we recommend that you call a plumbing or sewer contractor.

The owner of the property is responsible for keeping the sewer lateral clear between the building and the main sewer line as illustrated above. Locating the sewer lateral is the owner’s responsibility, although we will attempt to assist with available records and information.  We suggest the owner employ a plumbing or sewer contractor to clear any stoppages in the indoor plumbing or sewer lateral. The contractor should contact us before closing the excavation.

NOTE: Although there is no extra charge for our services/team to inspect the sewer line (the work is financed by JCSD sewer bills), JCSD will not assume the cost of your contractor’s call, regardless of the location of the stoppage! 

For details regarding sewer line responsibility within the JCSD service area, please download:

Ordinance 78

Ordinance No 78 (Spanish version)

JCSD Ordinance 5