Backflow Prevention Assembly


Why is a Backflow Prevention Assembly Necessary?

Backflow assemblies (more commonly referred to as devices) are an important aspect to ensure that water being delivered to houses and businesses remains unaffected by water of lower or undesirable quality.  Backflow is a term used to describe a condition where water flows through a water line in the opposite direction from which it was intended as a result of back pressure.  The backflow of water can cause an undesirable contaminant to enter a potable water supply.

Backflow prevention assemblies are designed to protect potable water from being contaminated.  State law requires the installation of backflow assemblies on all premises that have an auxiliary water supply, have multiple use capabilities and/or more than one service connection that could result in contamination or anywhere where there is a cross-connection or facilities that handle liquids or fluids.

Some homes may have also installed an additional pump to increase water pressure in their home.  Such pumps can also cause cross-contamination of potable water.  As a result, the installation of a backflow prevention assembly would be required.

Homes and businesses that require the installation of a backflow assembly are mandated by JCSD’s Ordinance No. 67  pertaining to the control of backflow and cross-connections.

New Construction Backflow Assembly Test Form

Annual Testing of Backflow Devices

Ordinance No. 67 requires that backflow assemblies be tested yearly.  Failure to conduct backflow assembly testing may result in the disconnection of water services.  Be sure to complete and keep the Backflow Prevention Test and Maintenance Report Form on file.

JCSD sends a notification to a business or resident when it is time to schedule backflow testing and the deadline for completing the testing.  It is the responsibility of the customer to test the backflow assemblies on a yearly basis by a Certified American Water Works Association (AWWA) Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester.  

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