About Your Water


Water Quality and Supply

It is safe to drink and cook with tap water?       

A reliable, safe drinking water supply may be the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. JCSD provides safe, high-quality water to over 140,150 customers every day. This is accomplished with a highly-trained work force and well-maintained equipment. Washing Dishes

All untreated water, including water from "pure" streams and lakes, contains varying levels of natural and man-made contaminants. The treatment process removes or reduces contaminants to levels that meet or exceed Federal and State drinking water health standards. 

Treatment equipment and the distribution system that delivers water to residences and businesses are regularly checked for damage and normal wear and tear. JCSD plans far into the future for replacement of infrastructure throughout the year.

Water FacilityCalifornia has very stringent water-quality standards and regulations. 

Where Your Water Comes From

JCSD's water supply is right under your feet! That's because our sole source of water is groundwater. Groundwater is stored underground in an aquifer, which is "recharged" by rain and snow.  

Water FAcility 2Chino Basin Desalter Authority (CDA)

CDA is a Joint Exercise of Powers Authority formed between JCSD; the Santa Ana River Water Company; the Cities of Chino, Chino Hills, Norco and Ontario; Western Municipal Water District; and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency. The CDA treats groundwater extracted from the lower Chino Basin and distributes the drinking water to member agencies.  Water that is delivered to our customers is from JCSD and CDA.

How Water is Delivered to Your Home or Business

Water is delivered to JCSD customers through a system of 459 miles of potable water lines that are buried underground throughout Eastvale and Jurupa Valley.  Learn more about JCSD’s water facilities by visiting JCSD Facilities.