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Standards Manual - Section VI




A-1      Typical Trench Detail

A-2      Waterline Special Bedding Detail

A-3      Standard Valve and Sewer Manhole Marker Installation

A-4      Standard Guard Post Installation

A-5      Pipe or Flange Support Detail

A-6      Waterline Encasement Detail

A-7      Slope Protection Cut-Off Wall

A-8      Slope Protection Cut-Off Ditch

A-9      Standard Vent Installation

A-10    Typical Watermain Crossing under Sewer Lateral

A-11    Waterlines Crossing Over Storm Drains/Sewers

A-12    Removable Guard Post Detail

A-13    Water Main Crossing Under Storm Drain

AA-1   Standard Symbols

AA-2   Standard Water/Sewer Location

AA-3   Standard Cul-De-Sac Water And Sewer Services

AA-4   Offset Cul-De-Sac Water And Sewer Services

B-1      Gate Valve Installation

B-2      DELETED

B-3      Butterfly Valve Installation

C-1      Thrust Blocks for D.I.P. Pipelines, Class 200 P.S.I. Max.

C-2      Thrust Blocks for Welded Steel Pipelines, Class 200 P.S.I. Max.

C-2A   Minimum Pipe Welding Length For Thrust Restraint


C-3      Typical Butt Strap Connection CML/CMC Pipe

C-4      Typical Cut-To-Fit Detail for Types I, II & III

C-5      Typical Shear Ring Detail for Welded Steel Pipe

C-6      Outlet Reinforcement Details

C-7      Formed Bell and Spigot Joint Bonding Detail

C-8      Formed Bell & Spigot Rubber Gasket Joint for CML & CMC Pipe

C-9      Lap Welded Slip Joint Belled-End CML & CMC Pipe

C-10    Carnegie Type Rubber Gasket Joint for CML & CMC Pipe

D-1      3/4" Or 1" Meter, 1" Water Service Detail


D-1B   3/4" Or 1" Meter, 1" Water Service Detail (Residential Fire Sprinklers)

D-2      1-1/2 " Meter, 2" Water Service Detail

D-3      2" Meter, 2" Water Service Detail

D-3A   Deep Water Service Connection

D-4      3" Water Service Meter

D-5      4", 6", 8" & 10" Water Service Meter

D-5A   4", 6", 8" & 10" Above Grade Water Service Meter

D-6      Service Outlet Saddle

D-7      DELETED

D-8      Service Manifold Detail

E-1      Air Valve Installation 1" Dia.

E-1A   2" Dia. Air Valve Installation W/ Ball Valve

E-2      3" and 4" Air Valve Installations

F-1       4" Dia. Blow-Off Installation

F-1A    4" Blow-Off Assembly (PVC Pipe)

F-2       6" & 8" Blow-Off Installation

F-3       DELETED

F-4       4" End of Line Blow-Off Installation


G-1, G-1A Typical 6" Fire Hydrant Installation

G-2, G-2A Typical 6" Fire Hydrant Installation – PVC, DI Pipe

G-3      Construction Meter Installation Detail

H-1      4", 6", 8" & 10" Dia. Fire Service/Double Detector Check Valve Installation

H-2      Reduced Pressure Backflow Device

H-3      DELETED

H-4      DELETED

H-4A   4", 6", 8" & 10" Fire Service Installation (Metered)

I-1       Manway Installation 20" Or 24" Dia.

I-2       Manhole Detail for Manways

I-3       Typical Blow Off Manhole Detail

J-1       Chain Link Fence Detail

J-2       Chain Link Fence Gate Detail

K-1      Water Sampling Station Construction Details

K-2      DELETED

K-3      Cathodic Protection Test Station Steel Cylinder Pipe

K-4      Thermite Braze Detail




S-1       General Bedding Details

S-2       General Bedding Details Flexible Gravity Pipe

S-3       DELETED

S-4       Typical Sewer Concrete Encasement Detail

S-5       Typical Sewer Lateral

S-6       DELETED

S-6A    Deep Lateral Flexible Gravity Pipe

S-7       Precast Concrete Manhole

S-8       DELETED

S-9       DELETED

S-10     DELETED

S-11     Wastewater Flow Monitoring Station

S-12     Industrial Waste Clarifier Three Compartment

S-13     DELETED

S-14     Building Sewer Sampler Detail

S-15     Precast Shallow Manhole

S-16     Sewer Protection Detail

S-17     Remodeling Details for Sewer Laterals

S-18     DELETED

S-18A Sewer Lateral Tapping to Existing VCP Main

S-18B  Sewer Lateral Tapping to Existing PVC Main

S-18C Sewer Lateral Tapping to Existing Truss Pipe

S-19     Grease Interceptor 750 Gal. to 1500 Gal.

S-20     Grease Interceptor 2000 gal. to 3000 Gal.

S-21     72" and 84” Dia. Precast Concrete Manhole (PVC Lined)

S-22     DELETED

S-23     Manhole Covers

S-24     Temporary Manhole Plug

S-25     On-Site Sewer Location

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