Engineering Plan Check Procedures


Water and/or sewer plans must be submitted to JCSD with any pertinent information (Wastewater discharge questionnaire, if required).  If required, the Development Engineering Services customer service representative will provide the first plan-check redlines transmittal to the developer to include additional information.  Additional plan-check transmittals are to include the first plan check, two sets of the revised plans, and any additional information that was requested; this will continue until all corrections have been made.  Once the plans have been approved, the developer is to provide a right-of-way dedication and JCSD will provide the developer with signed Mylars to the approved plans.  The developer is to submit duplicate Mylars and four sets of prints with all the agencies involved.  Advanced Payment for Plan Checking fees are as follows:

Please refer to the Developers Handbook.


Data required for residential developers for the first plan check of water and/or sewer plans are as follows:

  • Three copies of the water and/or sewer Plans
  • Record map
  • Street plans
  • Storm drain plans
  • Grading plans
  • Conditions of approval of tentative map
  • Easement document and plats (two copies) to include:
    • Title report
    • Easement boundary closure (to 3 decimal point min) (two copies)
    • Coordinate list (two copies)
    • Any appropriate survey notes
    • Any reference (Parcel Map (PM), Record of Survey (RS), etc.)
  • Fees Payable to Jurupa Community Services District 

Additional data required for commercial/industrial development:

  • Items listed in above requirements
  • Site plan/plot plan (two copies)
  • Building floor plan/plumbing plan
  • Landscape irrigation plan
  • Complete JCSD industrial plan
  • Submittal of data indicating typical waste discharge constituents
  • Total fixture unit calculations (water & sewer)
  • Grease trap/industrial waste clarifier sizing calculations
  • Fire protection plans and fire flow calculations
  • Number of employees
  • Water usage of a similar type installation
  • For restaurants: Number of seats, daily meals and/or peak hour meals