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Development Engineering Fees


JCSD applies fees to offset the public-service cost of new development.  An initial upfront deposit of funds is applied to various phases of a project.  This “Advance Payment Against Actual Cost” funds various functions such as water and sewer availability, plan check, inspection, and other services required to implement the projects.  It is important to note that the deposit may or may not be adequate to complete all project tasking. For example, a project might require more plan-check review because the initial plans and subsequent drafts lack details or did not address prior comments.  Some examples of project tasking requiring a deposit include:

  • Water and Sewer Availability determination
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Fire Flow Test
  • Plan Check
  • Water Supply Assessment
  • Industrial Waste System Review
  • Inspection

Rates / Charges / Deposits as of 03/10/2020

Water Facility Charges are used by JCSD to pay for infrastructure needed to provide water service to the proposed development.  The “Water Facility Charge,” sometimes referred to as a “water connection charge,” is based on the size of the water meter and its corresponding capacity to deliver water flow to the customer.  The “Drop-In Charge w/Radio Read” is the cost to provide the water meter with radio-reading capabilities.  For a single-family dwelling project (only), the “Meter Installation Charge” is the cost of having the meter installed by JCSD.  Otherwise, the developer may choose to install the service line and meter using a District-approved contractor. 

Sewer Facility Charges are used by JCSD to pay for related infrastructure to provide sewer service to the proposed development. Charges are based on the development’s number of “Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs). The "Sewer Facility Charge," sometimes referred to as a “sewer connection charge” is based on the total number of EDUs calculated for the development. 

Please review the Developer Handbook or contact Development Engineering for more information.