Our offices will be closed this Monday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day.  JCSD online billing services and drop box will still be available.  For water or wastewater emergencies, please call (951) 685-7434.

Nuestras oficinas estarán cerradas este Lunes 4 de Julio, en conmemoración del día de la Independencia. Los servicios de facturación en línea de JCSD y el buzón de correo seguirán estando disponibles. Para emergencias de agua o aguas residuales, llame al (951) 685-7434.

List of Appendices


Appendix A – Current Charges and Deposits - Rev. 1/2019

Appendix B – Requirements and Procedures for Request of Availability Letter

Appendix C –  Availability Letter Request Sample Letter Template - Rev. 1/2019

Appendix D –  Fire Flow and Hydraulic Analysis Requests

Appendix E –  Data Required for First Plan Check of Water and/or Sewer Plans - Rev. 1/2019

Appendix F –  Jurupa Community Services District Plan Check Procedures

Appendix G –  Grant of Permanent Easement- Rev. 1/2019

Appendix H –  Determination of Inspection Deposits - Rev. 1/2019

Appendix I –  Water and/or Sewer Construction Agreement

Appendix J –  Policy Regarding Annexation to Lighting Maintenance Districts

Appendix K –  Requirements of Developer for Lighting and Maintenance District Annexation 

Appendix L –  Procedure for Annexation to a Lighting and Maintenance District Annexation

Appendix M –  Deleted 3/2016

Appendix N –  Deleted 3/2016

Appendix O –  Usual Sequence of Events for Mello-Roos Community Facilities Districts

Appendix P –  Non-Residential Wastewater Survey - Rev. 2/2014

Appendix Q –  Procedures Concerning Installation of Dry Utilities

Appendix R –  Acknowledgement of Policy for Improvements around District’s Facilities

Appendix S –  Items Required Prior To Scheduling Pre-Construction Meeting

Appendix T –  Certification of Streets to Final Grade

Appendix U –  Contractor’s Data Sheet

Appendix V –  Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda - Rev. 1/2019

Appendix W –  Manhole Ring Tolerance Verification Form

Appendix X –  Pre-Occupancy Inspection Sheet

Appendix Y –  Project Close-Out Checklist

Appendix Z –  Digital Disk Requirements and Formatting

Appendix AA – Tract/IP Final Inspection Sheet

Appendix BB – Record Drawing and GIS Updating Procedures for New Development Projects

Appendix CC – Submittal Review Sheet Cover - Rev. 2/2020

Appendix DD –CCTV Inspection Guideline - Rev. 1/2019