List of Appendices


Appendix A – Current Charges and Deposits - Rev. 1/2019

Appendix B – Requirements and Procedures for Request of Availability Letter

Appendix C –  Availability Letter Request Sample Letter Template - Rev. 1/2019

Appendix D –  Fire Flow and Hydraulic Analysis Requests

Appendix E –  Data Required for First Plan Check of Water and/or Sewer Plans - Rev. 1/2019

Appendix F –  Jurupa Community Services District Plan Check Procedures

Appendix G –  Grant of Permanent Easement- Rev. 1/2019

Appendix H –  Determination of Inspection Deposits - Rev. 1/2019

Appendix I –  Water and/or Sewer Construction Agreement

Appendix J –  Policy Regarding Annexation to Lighting Maintenance Districts

Appendix K –  Requirements of Developer for Lighting and Maintenance District Annexation 

Appendix L –  Procedure for Annexation to a Lighting and Maintenance District Annexation

Appendix M –  Deleted 3/2016

Appendix N –  Deleted 3/2016

Appendix O –  Usual Sequence of Events for Mello-Roos Community Facilities Districts

Appendix P –  Non-Residential Wastewater Survey - Rev. 2/2014

Appendix Q –  Procedures Concerning Installation of Dry Utilities

Appendix R –  Acknowledgement of Policy for Improvements around District’s Facilities

Appendix S –  Items Required Prior To Scheduling Pre-Construction Meeting

Appendix T –  Certification of Streets to Final Grade

Appendix U –  Contractor’s Data Sheet

Appendix V –  Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda - Rev. 1/2019

Appendix W –  Manhole Ring Tolerance Verification Form

Appendix X –  Pre-Occupancy Inspection Sheet

Appendix Y –  Project Close-Out Checklist

Appendix Z –  Digital Disk Requirements and Formatting

Appendix AA – Tract/IP Final Inspection Sheet

Appendix BB – Record Drawing and GIS Updating Procedures for New Development Projects

Appendix CC – Submittal Review Sheet Cover - Rev. 2/2020

Appendix DD –CCTV Inspection Guideline - Rev. 1/2019