Website Policy


District Website Policy

The primary purposes of Jurupa Community Services District’s (JCSD) website are to facilitate communication between JCSD and the public, provide an alternate method for conducting certain business with JCSD, and disseminate information related to policies, programs, and services provided by, either in full or in part, and/or administered by JCSD. JCSD’s website was created to provide the public with convenient access to the most current information about public services, policies, events, schedules, and documents administered by JCSD.

General Manager, or designee, is responsible for providing accurate and updated information on the JCSD website. Placement of content (i.e. on the website’s homepage) must be approved by General Manager or designee. Formatting of website content such as font size, font type, and color will be consistent with the designated design. 

The decision to post or not to put content and/or links on JCSD’s website resides solely with the General Manager, or designee.

This decision is final. Information regarding community events may be posted on the JCSD website, as long as the
posting of such information is consistent with the purpose of the website.

Since the website was established for the convenience of customers to access JCSD information, JCSD reserves theright to grant or deny requests to include information on JCSD’s website that connects to, or provides, information maintained by other entities or individuals.

The decision to grant or deny the inclusion of such will be based on compliance with at least one of the criteria below and whether the link or information is consistent with the mission and purpose of JCSD.

Information from or about an outside entity may be included on the “Community Bulletin Board”
if it falls into one of the following categories:

  • A state, local, or federal government agency or special government district with
    jurisdiction in or part of the JCSD service territory.
  •  A not-for-profit charitable organization, recreational, or cultural organization serving
    customers in the JCSD service territory.
  • A public provider of utility service for customers in the JCSD service territory.
  • An organization of which JCSD is a registered/current member.
  • Non-profit organizations that partner with JCSD to meet JCSD’s strategic or operational
  • A for-profit business that has partnered to sponsor a JCSD program or event.

JCSD reserves the right to: (1) deny an external link to any person, business or organization when it is determined, following review, that the entity or organization does not meet the criteriaset forth in this policy; and/or (2) deny an external link to any person, business or organization which fails to provide truthful information.

Examples of the type of websites that JCSD’s website will not provide an External Link to:

  • For-profit businesses that do not have a valid contract to conduct services for JCSD or is
    not sponsoring a JCSD program or event;
  • Promoting or exhibiting hate, bias, discrimination, pornography; libelous or otherwise
    defamatory content;
  • Associated with, sponsored by or serving a candidate for elected office, any political
    party or organization supporting or seeking to defeat any candidate or elective office or
    any ballot proposal;
  • Associated with political organizations or other organizations advocating a position on a
    local, state, or federal issue;
  • Furthering the agenda of a political organization or candidate running for office
  • Furthering the non-charitable agenda of a labor union;
  • Violating any of JCSD’s equal opportunity or norms and value policies;
  • Promoting an individual or a personal home page.

All intellectual and proprietary rights, including copyrights and rights to service marks and trademarks, as to any and all text, material, images and/or content appearing on or accessible through JCSD’s website, belong to the respective owners of these rights. JCSD owns all other intellectual and proprietary rights, including copyrights and rights to service marks and trademarks, as to the JCSD Seal, logos, symbols, emblems and any and all other images,
designs, content and materials created by or on behalf of JCSD that appear on or are accessible through the JCSD website. No person or entity shall: modify and or use the text, images or other JCSD website content from a web server; distribute the JCSD web content; or “mirror” JCSD’s information on a non-District server without written permission from the General Manager or designee.

Links made available through the JCSD website allow visitors to leave JCSD’s site. Please be aware that the internet sites available through these links, and the materials that are found at those sites are not provided by, endorsed or under the control of JCSD. Therefore, JCSD cannot and does not make any representation to visitors about the site or materials made available on the sites. The fact that visitors may be able to access these additional sites from the JCSD website is not an endorsement or recommendation to the visitor by JCSD of any of these sites or any material found there. JCSD provides these links only as a convenience, and accessing these additional sites is done at the visitor’s own risk.

JCSD is sensitive to the privacy interest of the JCSD website users and believes that the protection of those interests is an important responsibility. JCSD’s goal in collecting personal information online is to provide the user with the most personalized and effective service possible. JCSD strives to protect online personal information in the same manner that JCSD protects citizen and business information obtained through other means. E-mail addresses gathered though the e-subscription service will be used solely for that purpose. Subscribers may unsubscribe to the service at any time.

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