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  • Environmental

    In accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Public Resources Code Sections 21000–21177), this Initial Study has been prepared to determine potentially significant impacts upon the environment resulting from the proposed Benedict Reservoir and Armstrong Booster Station Project (hereinafter refer to as “proposed Project” or “Project”). In accordance with CEQA Guidelines Section 15063, this Initial Study is a preliminary analysis prepared by Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD), as Lead Agency, to inform the JCSD Board of Directors, affected agencies, and the public of potential environmental impacts associated with the implementation of the proposed Project.

    08/14/2019 10:04 AM

  • Upgrading the River Road Lift Station!
    Upgrading the River Road Lift Station!

    Efficient, cost-effective sewer service is one of JCSD’s core responsibilities, and a great effort is made to maintain and replace infrastructure in a proactive manner.

    05/21/2019 11:35 AM

  • Jurupa Road Grade Separation Project
    Jurupa Road Grade Separation Project

    A new bridge will support the railroad tracks and be wide enough to accommodate a second track and maintenance road...

    08/26/2021 4:29 PM

  • Maintaining JCSD Water Supply
    Maintaining JCSD Water Supply

    A brief description of projects in design or planning stages that will either improve our water supply, storage, or efficiency...

    11/24/2020 4:30 PM

  • Reservoir Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint
    Reservoir Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

    The tank is approximately 85 feet in diameter by 40 feet high, providing 1,700,000 gallons of water storage. By relining the inside, the service life will be extended 25 years.

    08/13/2020 10:48 AM

  • Temporary Water Shut-Off

    on May 27th, at Armstrong Road & Karen Lane at 9:00pm-5:00am as well as two tract developments off Granite Hill Drive...

    05/27/2020 2:19 PM

  • Construction Project Updates

    Mira Loma B and Indian Hills 2A Reservoir Coating, Benedict Reservoir, Sky 2 Lift Station Conversion, Regional Lift Station Facility Upgrades...

    04/16/2020 3:16 PM