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#LearnWithJCSD - Have you ever wondered how to read your own water meter and check for leaks?  How about what kind of drought-tolerant plants would be good for your garden? With this Educational Videos page, we hope to answer those and other frequently asked questions that our customers may have.  

All About Your Water

How does Jurupa Community Services get water from the San Gabriel Mountains, treat it, and deliver it safely to your home or business?  Watch this video to find out where your water comes from and where it goes once you're through with it.

How To Read Your Water Meter

Everything you wanted to know about your water meter! In this video, we answer questions like, "where can I find my water meter?" "how do I read my water meter?" and "how can I use it to check for leaks?"

Easy Water Conservation Tips with Droplet

Did you know that each sprinkler station shouldn't be on for more than 10 minutes each? The JCSD Water Conservation mascot, Droplet, would like to go over a few easy tips on how you can help save water and use it efficiently. Learn all the "Do's" and "Do Not's" with Droplet.

Spring Landscaping Class

Here is a recording our our Virtual Spring Landscaping Class that we hosted March 6th and 16th of 2021. Contact our Water Conservation Department for other questions regarding water conservation or money-saving water-wise rebates.

And more coming soon!
To see all of our videos, check out our YouTube channel.