Droplet's Conservation Prize Program - Rules


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“Droplet’s Social Media Conservation Prize Program” 2020-2021 Official Rules 

GOAL: Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD) would like to increase our outreach on Social Media platforms in order to promote future opportunities, regulations, and other important messages.  In order to create interest in our social media messaging, we will award prizes to our customers that will either directly or indirectly assist them in improving their water-use efficiency.

SCOPE: This is a six-month long Prize Program on Social Media platforms Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Each month’s Prize Program will start on the second-to-last Monday of that month and will end on the last Monday of that month.  (see also “Timeline”)

ENTRY: To enter Droplet’s Social Media Conservation Prize Program and for a chance to win one of the conservation themed prizes, a person owning an account on Twitter and/or Instagram and/or Facebook will need to both (1) like/follow our account/page and (2) submit a comment on the current Entry Post for that platform.  (see also “Considerations”) Any comment will count towards entry except those found to be inappropriate for a public audience, which will be removed or hidden.

  • Facebook required actions: “like” our page and “comment” on the current entry post
  • Instagram required actions: “follow” our account and “comment” on the current entry post
  • Twitter required actions: “follow” our account and “comment” on the current entry post (referred to as quoting)

There is no purchase necessary to enter.

Each person may enter to win on more than one Social Media platform, but only one prize of the same kind will be awarded to each valid JCSD account address. (see also “Prizes”) 

By entering this program, you agree to release Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook of any responsibility & liability; and this program is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

By entering this program, you agree to abide by our Official Rules and decisions which are final and binding. We reserve the right to refuse, withdraw, or disqualify entries at our discretion based on our Official Rules.  You also agree to hold harmless JCSD and its subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, etc., against all claims of liability, illness, injury, death, loss, etc., that occurs directly or indirectly from participation in this prize program or the use/misuse any awarded prize.

RESTRICTIONS: A Valid Winner will be someone who:

  1. Has entered correctly (see “Entry”)
  2. Is a JCSD customer (directly or indirectly) with a current and verifiable address within the JCSD service boundaries
  3. Is not a JCSD official or employee
  4. Has not already won the same prize currently being given (winners of one month’s prize may still win the next month’s prize if we change the prize)
  5. Responds to the Winner’s Message within the allotted time (see “To Claim”)

For a map of the JCSD service area, visit https://www.jcsd.us/about-us/board-of-directors/board-member-division-map

Additionally, anyone found to be using multiple (false) social media accounts to enter will be ineligible to win.

CONSIDERATIONS: Persons who are JCSD customers and do not have regular internet access, or who do not own nor wish to own an account on social media, may still enter to win each month’s prize program by phone entry.  To do this, call (951) 790-6558 and leave a brief and clear message with your first and last name, callback number, and JCSD account address.  Your call must be received between the Start Time and End Time of each month’s program for a chance to win the current month’s prize.  Each valid JCSD account address given in this way will each be issued one entry in each month’s drawing.

PRIZES: Each month’s Entry Post will announce the particular prize(s) that will be awarded to Valid Winners that month.

At the End Time of each monthly program period, we will evaluate the current number of followers we have on each social media platform.  For every 300 followers on a platform, 1 winner will be drawn at random from that platform.  For example, if we have 694 Instagram followers at the End Time of a giveaway, we will draw 2 winners from Instagram.  Each platform will be evaluated separately.  Winners will be drawn at random from accounts associated with the “likes” (a specific type of interaction) on each platform’s Entry Post.  If there are fewer entries than prizes being awarded on any one platform, then all Valid Winners on that platform (and no more) will receive prizes.  (see also “Entry” and “Restrictions”)

Brands associated with the prizes of this program are not sponsors and are not associated with this Prize Program.

No single prize will exceed $600 in value, so we will not need tax information.

TO CLAIM: Drawn winners will be sent a direct “Winner’s Message” on the same social media platform of their entry.  To claim their prize, winners must respond within 5 calendar days to the Winner’s Message with the following information: their first and last name, callback number, and JCSD account address.

Once validated, Valid Winners (see “restrictions”) will have their prizes delivered directly (contact free) to their JCSD service address by a JCSD employee sometime within the next 30 days during our normal business hours. 

PLEASE NOTE: We anticipate some prizes may include the item itself and the installation of the item.  (For example, a Flume water monitoring device) For these types of prizes, in order to claim them, we will need permission and a waiver of liability in order to enter your property and install the prize.  We will also correspond with Valid Winners of these particular prizes to arrange an installation time convenient with their schedule.

To read the JCSD privacy policy, visit:  https://www.jcsd.us/about-us/website-privacy-policy

Questions? Call 1(951) 790-6558 or email SaveWater@JCSD.US


2020 September Prize ProgramWater Conservation Bucket Prize for September

  • Start Time & Entry Post – September 21st @ 5pm PDT
  • Prize- Water Conservation Bucket (including but not limited to: a dish sponge, a cutting board, a pitcher, a drinking tumbler, seed paper, a deep-watering stake, spatulas, a bucket, a food scraper, leak detection tablets, sunglasses, a swivel faucet aerator, a hose nozzle, a folding water bottle bag, and various educational publications including a SoCal Yard Transformation Guide and a Practical Plumbing Handbook)
  • End Time – September 28th @ 5pm PST

Reusable Straw and Thermos Prize for October

2020 October Prize Program

  • Start Time & Entry Post – October 19th @ 5pm PDT
  • Prize- 40 ounce stainless steel thermal water bottle & stainless steel reusable straw with portable carrying case
  • End Time – October 26th @ 5pm PST

Reusable Straw and Thermos Prize for November

2020 November Prize Program

  • Start Time & Entry Post – November 23rd @ 5pm PST
  • Prize-40 ounce stainless steel thermal water bottle & stainless steel reusable straw with portable carrying case
  • End Time- November 30th @ 5pm PST

2020 December Prize Program

  • Start Time & Entry Post – December 21st @ 5pm PST
  • Prize-TBA
  • End Time- December 28th @ 5pm PST

2021 January Prize Program

  • Start Time & Entry Post- January 18th @ 5pm PST
  • Prize-TBA
  • End Time – January 25th @ 5pm PST

2021 February Prize Program

  • Start Time & Entry Post – February 15th @ 5pm PST
  • Prize- TBA
  • End Time – February 22nd @ 5pm PST



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