Legislative Platform and Bill Position


JCSD recognizes the need for an active legislative program to ensure the interests of its customers are protected.  The Board of Directors developed JCSD's Legislative Platform to define desired outcomes from challenges posed by proposed legislation and to determine positions on issues that may impact JCSD.  The Legislative Platform is based on JCSD’s Mission and Vision.


Legislative Platform

The Legislative Platform of the JCSD Board is to:

  • Support legislation that is beneficial to Special Districts;
  • Support appropriations legislation, bonds, programs, and projects that provide funding for infrastructure construction, water quality, water conservation and recycling, parks and recreation, and graffiti abatement;
  • Support legislation that addresses water supply and efficiency, Delta solutions, water quality issues, and reclamation;
  • Support legislation for preservation of state and local parks;
  • Support legislation that promotes Emergency Preparedness programs;
  • Support legislation that provides funding for Disadvantaged Communities;
  • Support legislation that provides funding through grants, loans, and other available local, regional, state, and federal sources;
  • Monitor energy/air/greenhouse gas bills that relate to operations;
  • Monitor State budget-related bills that could affect the District’s ability to provide necessary services;
  • Oppose any additional proposed property tax increases to balance the State budget; and
  • Oppose legislation that would impact local ad valorem property tax revenues.


Positions on Bills

Staff tracks bills of greatest interest to JCSD, including topics mentioned in the JCSD Mission:

  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Wastewater
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Graffiti Abatement
  • Other Essential Services to Our Community

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