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JCSD hosts a number of community events and programs throughout the year.  We hope you enjoy the photos we have posted from past events.

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2022 Arbor Day 9-12 Submissions

Updated on 04/29/2022 2:11 PM

The JCSD Parks & Recreation Department hosted its first-ever Arbor Day Poster Contest in April. The department received 58 submissions between the ages of 5-and 12. Please take a moment to view the galleries for their respective age group.

Ages 5-8 Submissions
Top 3 Winner
1st Place Stella T.
2nd Place Sophia K.
3rd Place Allen X.
Ages 9-12 Submissions
Top 3 Winners
1st Stephanie T.
2nd Srihita P.
3rd Kyna M.
JCSD thanks all the students for supporting this fun and educational contest showcasing the importance of trees within our community. We look forward to next year!