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Earth Day: Protecting Our Precious Resource

Post Date:04/21/2023 5:15 PM

As we celebrate this special day, it is vital to reflect on the importance of protecting our precious water resources. At JCSD, we are committed to being responsible environmental stewards on Earth Day and every day.

We are proud to have implemented sustainable practices and innovative technologies that reduce our environmental impact. Our upcoming Recycled Water Project helps offset the use of precious potable water. Additionally, we offer rebate programs for items like turf replacement, high-efficiency washers, and rain barrels, which help our communities become more drought-resilient.

 By working together and taking steps towards reducing our water use, we ensure water is a resource for future generations. As we look to the future, we know that protecting our water resources will be critical to achieving a sustainable and resilient planet.

 This Earth Day, JCSD celebrates the progress we have made and commits to continuing to protect, conserve, and ensure the reliability of our water for generations to come. Let's continue to work together to make a positive impact on our planet!

 For information about water conservation and rebates, visit

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