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Weed Appreciation Day

Post Date:03/23/2021 8:33 AM

Let me convivence you to celebrate Weed Appreciation Day with me on March 28th.

“I’m sorry, what?”

Those annoying and undesired plants that pop up in your nicely landscaped areas actually have logical purpose and March 28th is the one day of the year that we set aside to appreciate those particular plants.

“But, why?”

Firstly, if weeds pop up where you already have grass or other plants established, it is a sure sign that your soil needs attention.  The reason why weeds might grow instead of your grass is because they are more suited to grow in the soil there – maybe due to a pH imbalance, lack of water, or compaction issue.  Once the issue is corrected, then your other plants will be able to beat out the weeds again. 

“I don’t need weeds to tell me that my dirt is hurt.”

Secondly, weeds are great for the ecosystem.  Certain weeds have long tap roots that can actually pull up deep lying minerals in the dirt and make the nutrients available to microbes whose byproduct will improve the soil for neighboring plants.  Barren dirt with no weeds is suspensible to wind and water erosion, but weed roots hold the soil and water in place.  Once it’s time for the plant to die, the brown matter then adds organic matter and nutrients in the soil that might otherwise have been stripped.

“Why should I care whether my soil is rich in nutrients?”

Once your soil is rich with potential for life, it will come.  Bugs and worms will start to gather and will, in turn, attract lizards and birds.  Flowering weeds that thrive in those scant nutrients will also bring bees, ladybugs, and butterflies. 

“Animals are always nice.”

Right?  They give you peace and a scene of belonging.  And if that’s still not enough, then take into consideration that certain medicines or teas can be made from weeds.


Look, all we’re saying is that weeds give you a reason to be outside – whether it’s enjoying the nature that they bring, or you’re literally outside in order to pull weeds.

“That makes sense.  I see what you did, there.”

Go outside.  Enjoy your weeds this Sunday, even if you hate them again on Monday.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me.”

Happy Weed Appreciation Day.  😊

 hand holding weeds #WeedAppreciationDay

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