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Maintaining JCSD Water Supply

Post Date:11/24/2020 4:30 PM

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Proposed Granite Hill Pipeline Project

What: A three phase project to directly connect the District’s 1110 Pressure Zone (feet in elevation) and the 1100 Pressure Zone.
Why: Currently, in order to transfer water from the Chino II Desalter facility to the 1100 Pressure Zone, water must be first pumped through two other Pressure Zones. This pipe installation will create a more efficient route to transfer potable water between the two zones to meet future demands.

Proposed Etiwanda Pipeline Project

What: A new partnership to connect a Cucamonga Valley Water District water treatment plant to the JCSD service area by installing a 36-inch diameter potable water pipeline.
Why: Currently, JCSD’s water supply relies solely on groundwater.  As regulatory requirements change and our service area continues to grow, maintaining adequate water production capability is essential to provide uninterrupted services.  This project will diversify our water supply portfolio and promote reliability in the system.

Lindsay Reservoir and Pipeline Project – Design & Planning

What: Engineering plans for the construction of potable water storage reservoirs with water transmission pipelines and a storm drain pipeline to provide water storage for the 870 Pressure Zone.
Why: As the area continues to grow, there will be a greater demand for water storage. This project anticipates that need and seeks to address it proactively.

photo of jcsd workers installing pipe

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