08/04/2020 - COVID-19 UPDATE: In accordance with the State of California, JCSD Headquarters Lobby, & ALL Recreation & Sports facilities including the Eastvale Community Center, Harada Neighborhood Center, Exercise Equipment & Playgrounds are CLOSED.  Park patrons are required to practice social distancing in all activities at the parks & wear face masks.  For questions & for JCSD park field allocation permits, please call (951) 727-3524.

In the Works


Construction Project Updates

Post Date:04/16/2020 3:16 PM
  • The Mira Loma B and Indian Hills 2A Reservoir Coating water project (C205072) is making progress.  The 0.5 Million Gallon tank is finished and the 1 Million Gallon tank will be relined by late April.  These linings will help extend the service life of the reservoirs by another 25 years.


  • The Benedict Reservoir water project (C195057) that was mentioned on the front of the Winter 2020 JCSD Community Newsletter is now 100% designed and will soon move into its construction phase.  This tank enlargement will ensure that residents at the 1200 Foot Pressure Zone are given continuous and reliable water pressure.


  • The Sky 2 Lift Station Conversion sewer project (C195061), on which the JCSD Board approved a construction contract award, will completely convert a lift station into a gravity pipeline.  This option would eliminate long-term operation and maintenance costs associated with maintaining the lift station.  Additionally, gravity operations are always preferred due to their reliability and lack of dependence on electricity.


  • The Regional Lift Station Facility Upgrades sewer project (C155008) is currently under construction to update pumps, make structural repairs, install a new oxygen generation system, and repave the site.  Regular maintenance and upkeep of the District’s facilities will ensure the continued reliability and safety of our water systems.


With the Riverside County schools closure lasting until June 19th, earlier construction on some projects was deemed acceptable and advantageous.  JCSD prioritizes the health and safety of the public, our employees and our contractors. All workers will heed CDC Guidelines while continuing work on any of these projects.

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