Eastvale Trail and Santa Ana River Trail (SART)


JCSD manages the Eastvale Trail which is a small portion of the Santa Ana River Trail (SART) and parkway project.  The SART is designed to extend from the Pacific Ocean to the crest of the San Bernardino Mountains and, at build out, will total over 110 miles in length.  For more information on the SART project please visit


The Eastvale Trail at completion will provide 2.61 miles of trail to be enjoyed by foot, bike or horseback.  Along the trail you can also access Riverwalk Park and enjoy the following amenities:

  • Picnic Shelters/Gazebos
  • BBQ Grill
  • Cinder Running Track
  • Frisbee Golf Course
  • Horse Corrals
  • Jogging/Running/Biking Trail
  • Playground Area
  • Restrooms

Trail timeline:

  • October 2008 - Grand opening of Riverwalk Park and the Eastvale Trail which provides 1.4 miles of recreation between Archibald Avenue and Riverwalk Park.
  • March 2014 - Phase 1 of the Eastvale Community Park portion of the Eastvale Trail opens and covers .33 miles.
  • Late 2016- The portion of the trail between Riverwalk Park and the Eastvale Community Park Phase 2  will open.  That area will add .64 miles.
  • October 2016 (estimated completion date) - The segment of the trail that travels through the Eastvale Community Park Phase 2 will increase it by .24 miles.
  • At completion the Eastvale Trail will provide 2.61 miles along the Santa Ana River between Archibald Avenue and Hamner Avenue.