Parks and Frontage Restoration Projects


DSC_0175After six years of drought and state of California mandated water reductions, JCSD is in the process of restoring its frontage landscapes and parks. Irrigation was decreased 25-30 percent to meet state water-use targets. Reduced irrigation coupled with extreme summer heat caused many plants and grassy areas to die. Over the six-year drought period, the cycle of little irrigation and heat left bare spots throughout JCSD’s 14 parks and over 30 miles of frontage areas.

With the drought officially over and the arrival of cooler fall temperatures, JCSD is restoring hard-hit frontage areas throughout its service territory.

Each area will be assessed for plant needs, irrigation repairs and the addition of mulch. Replacement plants include Lantana, Little John’s, and other drought tolerant plant material.

Frontage Rehab Map

Mulch Area Map



                                                Current Restoration Projects                                                                                 

Bellegrave Avenue Rehab Conceptual Plan