Conservation Programs FAQs


  • Conservation Programs
    • Can I apply for the turf removal rebate if I have already received a rebate for my front lawn and now I want to replace the turf in my backyard as well?

      No. You may only apply once per address. If you would like to replace the turf in your front yard and backyard, you must apply for the rebate at the same time.

    • How do I find the landscaping seminar schedule?

      Go to the Educational Seminars  to view and register for the current list of educational seminars offered by JCSD or visit our calendar for all JCSD events.

    • What are the recent changes to the turf rebate program?

      For all residential applications submitted after May 12, 2015, the rebate is still $2 per square foot; however, they have added a maximum rebate of up to $6,000 per property. For commercial customers, the rebate is now $1 per square foot with a maximum rebate of 25,000 per property per fiscal year.

    • What rebates are available to turf removal and the purchase of drought-tolerant plants?

      Currently, the rebate for residential property turf replacement is $2 per square feet and will be available while funding lasts. The process and the application for turf replacement can be found at The application for the program must be submitted online.

    • Who do I contact if I suspect I have a leak?

      Contact JCSD first.  JCSD will come to your home and check to see if you have a leak and if your leak is the responsibility of JCSD or the responsibility of the homeowner.