About Your Water and Sewer Rates


Water and Sewer Rates

JCSD provides safe, clean water and reliable sewer services to more than 27,000 customer accounts within the District's 40.79 square-mile service area.  Over the past three years, JCSD has produced and sold an average of 10.1 million hundred cubic feet (HCF, equal to 748 gallons) of water.  The operations, maintenance, and improvements of the community's water system are funded solely from water user rates and charges.  

 JCSD has been able to maintain water and sewer rates and fees over the past two years, with the last rate adjustment in 2011 and 2013 respectively.  However, primarily due to significant increases in water and sewer supply costs and the need to develop new water supply sources, JCSD is required to increase revenues over the next five years to ensure that the water and sewer systems remains fiscally viable while providing safe and reliable water service.

View the water rates and sewer rates for 2015 - 2019.